Thursday, January 21, 2010

Available NOW! - the Galaxy Quest Props and Spaceship!

For those that lived by the Commander Taggert motto of "Never Give Up…Never Surrender", you will finally be rewarded.

Pegasus Hobbies has finally released the officially licensed Galaxy Quest collection of props: the NSEA Protector spaceship, the Thermian Nebulizer raygun, and the Vox Voice Communicator. These model kits were created with the assistance of studio photo references and real hands-on study of the Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) models used in the film. In a word, these model kits are FANtastic! The prices are a steal, and if you can't be bothered with making the model kit, they will soon be releasing assembled models for just a tiny bit more.

I met up with the Pegasus Hobbies model kit creator at the iHobby Expo in Chicago, Illinois in October 2009 to have a personal look at the models. The following information, pictures and video, are the result of that visit.

NSEA Protector Spaceship Model

First up is the NSEA Protector spaceship. The model at 12.5 inches in length is actually a near studio scale model. Meaning, that the model is nearly the exact size of the smallest model prop made for the film (the model used in the TV series intros). The Galaxy Quest NSEA ships were physical models, not computer graphics. Three sizes made for the movie were 15-1/4 inches, 3 feet, and 8 feet (used for close up shots). The Pegasus Hobbies NSEA model detail is based upon the larger studio models, so you're really ahead with this kit. The smallest model ILM made was actually quite plain, and the Pegasus model kit sports much more detailed parts.

In addition to the well detailed parts, this kit has accurate clear blue colored parts (for the engines and energy vents) to accommodate internal lighting to your model. is planning to

come out with a lighting kit for this model. Also, the command module on top of the ship separates, just like in the movie. It's held in place by magnets...a nice touch!

From hands-on study of this model, I can say this licensed kit is far superior to the bubble-laden unofficial smaller resin NSEA Protector kit that came out on StarShip Modeler's store some years back. The ABS plastic parts of this new kit are straight, sturdy, and very clean. The decals that come with it are also of the same high quality as the rest of the kit.

The Vox Communicator Model

The Vox that was used in the movie opens up in order to call fellow Questarians. The studio prop was fairly crude in how it latched together to keep it closed. The model designer at Pegasus Hobbies maintained the latch location on the prop and refined the mechanism into a reliable way to open the prop. A tiny, almost hidden, latch button was added to the back of the Vox so the user can easily open the Vox. The hinge and spring used in the model gives it a nice solid snap-open action and a pleasant, but not overly forceful resistance, when you close it. The Vox comes with the belt clip that goes on the back, and a sticker for the lightning graphic inside the Vox transceiver. is also going to be releasing a lighting kit for this, though you will need to cut open the main circular hole area to accommodate the show through of the lights. The Vox model is 100% of the size of the real prop.

The Thermian Nebulizer Model

The Galaxy Quest Thermian Nebulizer is a retro cool raygun. It looks like it's meant to deal a world of hurt on the alien at the other end of the front emitter nozzle. In the movie, the top fin and the front nozzle lights up blue when the Nebulizer is fired. The Nebulizer model kit has the clear blue plastic parts to let those energy lights shine in your model too. Again, comes to the rescue with their planned internal lighting kit that will work with the spring-loaded trigger that already comes with this kit. The Nebulizer is also 100% of the size of the original movie prop.

By Grabthar's Hammer...What A Savings!

The Vox and the Nebulizer are sold together for one low price. At $15.95USD for the Vox/Nebulizer Set and $24.95USD for the NSEA Spaceship, anyone can afford these kits. It's also fast and easy to put these models together in one afternoon. Or, you can buy them assembled for not a whole lot more. How many model companies give you the option of unassembled or assembled model kits?! These guys are a first class company.

These kits have all the details of the movie props and ensures that the Galaxy Quest adventure continues!

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