Friday, January 19, 2007

Allen Talks Galaxy Sequel

August 4, 2006 (from SciFiWire)

Tim Allen told SCI FI Wire that he would love to do a sequel to his SF spoof film Galaxy Quest and that his upcoming film, Zoom, contains a bit of the humor that made the 1999 comedy such a success.

"Yeah, [Zoom] was all about that, but it was a real tough sell because Galaxy Quest was real delicate, the parody and the reality of it," Allen said. "I'm saying that out of respect for Sony, because it was tough to tell them that this is what it was all about because there was that underlying thing. I'm still being conservative, but 85 percent of the Galaxy Quest-ish look at superheroes is still in this. They still want to skew it so that kids don't understand, but they've left a lot of the adult references in it."

Galaxy Quest, a loving sendup of Star Trek fandom, starred Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell, Tony Shalhoub and Alan Rickman as the aging cast of a long-canceled space TV show who find themselves caught up in an actual galactic conflict. Allen said a sequel was presented to DreamWorks, but that he knows nothing more.

"You'd have to ask DreamWorks," Allen said. "There is one there. To this day, I don't understand what that's about. But that's all studio stuff. I really have to stay out of that stuff."

Zoom co-stars Courteney Cox, Chevy Chase, Rip Torn and Spencer Breslin in a film about a group of super-powered teens who come together in a special school under the tutelage of a washed-up superhero (Allen) and must subsequently save the world. It opens nationwide Aug. 11. —Mike Szymanski

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