Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Preorder Nebulizer/Vox & NSEA Spaceship Kits

The injection molded Pegasus Hobbies Galaxy Quest kits for the Thermian Nebulizer and Vox Communicator combo and the NSEA Protector spaceship are up for Preorder at CultTVMan's Hobbyshop. (follow the links at the end of this post to get to the order pages). The price for the Nebulizer/Vox kit comes in at an amazingly affordable $15.95 USD for the two, and the NSEA also sports an equally affordable price of $24.95 USD.

These kits look promising, especially for those that will add their own lighting and sounds to the kits. The Nebulizer, Vox and NSEA Spaceship will have some interior space for the modeler to add lights/sounds. Lights/sounds will not come with the kit, but expect to see some electronics with lights and sounds to come out for these from another company. It's possible that VoodooFX.com, one of the great model kits electronics maker, will come out with lights/sounds for these kits. The NSEA spaceship has clear blue plastic in the right place (the engines) and should make it impressive if lightning is added. The Nebulizer and Vox also has colored clear plastic parts and can be made to light up too.

Model Kit Preorder Links:

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